Ta'haa, French Polynesia

Wednesday, August 24

Our second port on the Inspiration Cruise was the island of Ta'haa (you can see my post on the island of Moorea here). The really neat part about Inspiration, is that even if you didn't purchase an excursion, they had an awesome day at port for us. On this day, we took a tender to a private motu (or little island off the coast of Ta'haa). Right when we arrived on the pier, we were offered a welcome drink and tropical snacks, I felt so special haha!

Kevin and I were actually one of the first people to get to the island that morning. They were offering yoga on the beach at 9:30am, so we made sure to be there for that! They honestly had so many activities scheduled, it was such a blast. Kevin and I took advantage of the kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkeling!

Apart from the activities, they had an amazing lunch lined up for us on the beach. After lunch, I spent most of my time reading. Isn't reading on an island the best ever? I think so:) I actually devoured a booked called Surprised by Oxford, about one woman's journey of faith during her masters program at Oxford in England. I'm kind of obsessed with England, so this book was a real joy:)

That night, Kevin and I enjoyed a dinner on the deck. They had a special restaurant called Candles, where you could eat outside. It was actually quite romantic:) It was a really fun day, full of so many activities that were all part of the cruise. I loved all the special touches!!

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home sweet home

Friday, August 19

No matter where I travel, I always really do love coming home.
It's an ever sweeter feeling now, as we've been pouring countless hours into making our new house a little refuge of peace and love.

As much as traveling is so fun and adventurous, I think i've realized that I need a little structure and routine in my life. I love waking up in my bedroom with light streaming through the windows, knowing that Kevin is out in the kitchen making coffee and reading his Bible.

I like being able to drop by my parents house at any time, and them drop by our house. I like waving to my neighbors, and going to staff meeting each week where I connect with all my co-workers.

I think structure also allows me to better find times to spend with God. Do any of you find that sometimes vacation throws that off?

We have a lot of fun things coming up this Fall:
My brother's getting married in a few weeks
We've got our dear friends from England coming out for 3 weeks in November, where we'll be taking them all around California!
And then of course the lovely holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I cannot wait to spend my first Fall back in Northern California where the leaves turn colors and it gets a little more crisp in the air! Woo hoo, so excited.

Like I said,
home sweet home:) 

Happy weekend sweet friends! xoxo

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Exploring Moorea in French Polynesia

Wednesday, August 17

Being on a cruise through French Polynesia was really exciting, partly because each island we visited was so vastly different. It was like Christmas morning getting off the boat, and discovering what the island had to offer.

Moorea is beautiful. It's called the love island, because the island is shaped like a heart.

We actually started the day with a delicious breakfast on board, and 7am yoga!! Hands down the most beautiful scenery i've ever been in while doing a downward dog, haha!

We got ready, and then took a tender to the island, where we were met by a really nice tour guide who let us hop into the back of his truck (which had seats and cushions), and we began a small tour of the surrounding areas.

We first were driven to a black sand beach. Moorea has a lot of black sand beaches. I learned while there that white sand is created by coral reefs, which Moorea doesn't have as many of, so therefore the sand is black which is from the volcanic eruption many years ago. We hung out on the beach, then hopped back in the truck to go up to Belvedere look-out point. From the point you can see the 2 famous bays...Cook's bay and Openohu Bay. Our ship was docked in Cook's bay.

After a few pictures at the look-out point, our guide drove us to the famous pineapple fields of Moorea. Tourism and pineapple are big business in Moorea. I had never been to a pineapple field, so it was fascinating seeing how they grew. Each plan only produces one pineapple, and it grows in the middle of the spikey branches...crazy!

Rolling along in the van, we also go to see some ancient stone sites, as well as some beautiful rivers and lush greenery. Moorea is that pretty! I'd say that if you plan to do a honeymoon trip in French Polynesia, Moorea and Bora Bora are your two best options!!

That afternoon, when we got back to the ship, our day kept getting better. One of the really neat things about this ship is that it had a whole water sports deck off the back of the boat! We put on our swimsuits and jumped off the back of the boat into the refreshing waters! They had rafts that you could lay on out in the middle of the ocean. It was unbelievable to be swimming with new friends, and look over and see the gorgeous skyline of Moorea (you can see from the pictures that it is very distinct!)

After swimming, we came up and took a quick dip in the hot tub. I'm not sure i've ever sat in a hot tub with a more scenic view, haha! Then, we settled onto the deck and watched the Windstar lift her sails. As the sails were lifting, the crew played some very intense music (think Pirate's of the Caribbean type music) that made me feel like I was heading out into the open waters in a pretty epic way, haha! Kevin and I were cracking up (half expecting to see Jack Sparrow), but it really did add some great ambiance. Not to mention we were watching the sunset, drifting along Moorea, munching on snacks and sipping cool drinks - that certainly added to the epicness! Such a neat way to see the islands!

Enjoy the pics!
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